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Statin Drug Side Effects [NEW] 11/13/10

This is the latest animation from the Health Ranger, revealing the health dangers of statin drugs. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, statin drugs cause liver dysfunction, acute kidney failure. cataracts and extreme muscle weakness (among other side effects).

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Cholesterol Corporate Killers ~ Introduction...

This is what happened to me.  It isn't the full story - you can add tinnitus to the side effects and a  temperature of 104° the day following cessation and there is probably more to tell.  Prior to becoming really ill and while sporadically taking a lower dose I had already destroyed two relationships.  Statins actually forced me to retire - working as a musician with large groups of small children whilst experiencing rocketing tinnitus and irritability levels was not feasible.

There is a postscript full of pomposity and delusion much akin to the man who hauls himself into the lifeboat in the hurricane proclaiming he is saved.– I thought I was cured.  With my Ph.D. in hindsight I can now see that nothing is ever instant; just as I have discovered with most things in my life, everything takes its own time to heal.  Recovery does come and so do relapses which become shallower with more distance between.  I can help it along with CoQ10 and B vitamins, good fresh food and clean air, but the most helpful thing is to pass the message on.

We are only envelopes and the more posting we do the better we feel; spreading the message so that others may become enlightened is the key to recovery.

Cholesterol Corporate Killers

Big Fat Lies

This is how the Big Fat Lies started with the Lipid Hypothesis and Ancel Keyes.
View the YouTube Presentation (02:34)...

BMA Presentations

Dr Malcolm Kendrick was recently invited to address a meeting of the Leeds branch of the BMA on the subject of  "Why raised cholesterol levels do not cause heart disease". Dr Kendrick's wide reading of authoritative research on hypercholesterolaemia led to the publication of  "The Great Cholesterol Con".  In this presentation to the Leeds branch of the BMA, Dr Kendrick reviews some of the key facts which are the basis of his skepticism  about the cholesterol hypothesis.

How could such a valuable substance at normal levels be regarded as pathogenic? Well argued and backed up by references  to published research, I commend this presentation to you and invite you to view the video report of that meeting in sequence through the links below:

Source: Glyn Wainwright, MSc MBCS CEng CITP, Leeds   UK

Part 1: Cholesterol

Part 2: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

Part 3: About Statins

Part 4: Stress and the HPA axis (Bjorntorp)

Part 5: CVD Populations and Stress

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Dr Malcolm Kendrick on WHO MONICA data

Mevalonate Pathway

From Wikipedia...

The mevalonate pathway or HMG-CoA reductase pathway or mevalonate-dependent (MAD) route, is an important cellular metabolic pathway present in all higher eukaryotes and many bacteria. It is important for the production of dimethylallyl pyrophosphate (DMAPP) and isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP) that serve as the basis for the biosynthesis of molecules used in processes as diverse as protein prenylation, cell membrane maintenance, hormones, protein anchoring and N-glycosylation.


A number of drugs target the "mevalonate pathway":

  • Statins (used for elevated cholesterol levels);
  • Bisphosphonates (used in treatment of various bone-degenerative diseases)

Statins & Side Effects (by Dr Duane Graveline)


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